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Game Tutors main focus is ​​to bring young indie developers out into the open field of game development. We specialize on teaching young individualise how create games from scratch with no pre used scripts. The site will teach you the following: Creating a FPS, RPG and Android Game Development please enjoy your stay 
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New Health System 

Hey all this Sunday i will be showing you something new
which will be a upgrade system for our player as                                                       well as a new health                                                             system Read More​​​​
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Ok guy this page you can also ask me question regarding the tutorials that are on the site and on youtube. This is a place for you to relax and tell me what you would like to see in the future tutorials. I would really like to hear what is on your mind

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I am currently hard at work on freebies 
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Hummad,Nazir(Skype Name)
Help Forms

Hey guys if you have any problem with any of your scripts please take your problem directly to the form page. Please make a new post regarding your problem and I or anyone who is surfing the site may be able to help you out.

Link to form: CLICK ME

Hey guys I have a blogger you can catch me there uploading things that are not yet to be relieved or ​​just a topic discussing the idea I might bring to the tutorials series feel free to check it out and leave your comments to let me know what you think

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